TGIF…what do u think it means?

you think “thank god it’s Friday”, but it should mean…”Today God is First”!

Each Friday at approx. 6 pm begins the Jewish Sabbath ( it then ends on Saturday at 6 pm). The word Sabbath, in Hebrew literally means “rest”. In Genesis, it says that after God finished on the seventh day, He rested…and He blessed the seventh day or the Sabbath & sanctified it. AND thousands of years later, through the “finished” work of Jesus Christ, He blessed us & sanctified us…glory! Now we are seated (shows a resting position in the natural) with Christ at the right hand of the Father. This Friday, may I suggest you “rest” in Christ (take your rightful position at God’s right side in/with Christthank God our Father & think of Him every hour of that day. If we use one day out of 7 to practice this, we will see the awesome results & we will soon wake every day, eager to do the same.

Please share this truth with all your Christian center of influence…by so doing, we are bringing the Father’s will & His Kingdom to earth, as it is in Heaven. PASS IT AROUND 🙂