*Who you are in Christ

Who you are in Christ
1.In Christ I have an abundance of grace (Rom. 5:17)
2.In Christ I have no condemnation (Rom. 8:1)
3.In Christ I am a child of GOD (Rom. 8:16)
4.In Christ I am an heir of GOD (Rom. 8:17)
5.In Christ I m a joint-heir with Christ (Rom. 8:17)
6.In Christ I am more than a conqueror (Rom. 8:37)
7.In Christ nothing can separate me from the love of GOD (Rom 8:38-39)
8.In Christ am enriched in all knowledge (I Cor. 1:5)
9.In Christ I have wisdom (I Cor. 1:30)
10.In Christ I have righteousness (I Cor. 1:30)
11.In Christ all the promises of GOD are “Yes” and “Amen” to me (II Cor. 1:20)
12.In Christ I am anointed of GOD (II Cor. 1:21)
13.In Christ I always triumph (II Cor. 2:15)
14.In Christ my mind is renewed and enlightened (II Cor. 3:14)
15.In Christ I live by the power of GOD (II Cor. 13:4)
16.In Christ I am redeemed from the curse of the law (Gal.3:13)
17.In Christ I have the blessing of Abraham (Gal. 3:14)
18.In Christ I am a son of GOD (Gal. 4:7)
19.In Christ I have the exceeding riches of GOD’s grace and kindness (Eph. 2:7)
20. In Christ I am created for good works (Eph. 2:10)
21.In Christ I have boldness and access with confidence before GOD (Eph.3:12)
22.In Christ I am a shining light (Eph. 5:8)
23.In Christ I am strong in the power of GOD’s might (Eph.6:10)
24.In Christ I do not worry (Phil. 4:6)
25.In Christ I have the peace of GOD which passes all understanding (Phil. 4:7)
26.In Christ I have the peace of GOD which guards my heart and mind (Phil. 4:7)
27.In Christ I have strength (Phil. 4:13)
28.In Christ I can do all things (Phil. 4:13)
29.In Christ all my needs are met according to GOD’s riches in glory (Phil.4:19)
30.In Christ I have been delivered from the power of darkness (Col. 1:13)
31.In Christ I am made complete and perfect (Col.2:10)
32.In Christ I have abundant love (I Tim. 1:14)
33.In Christ I have an eternal inheritance (Heb. 9:12)
34.In Christ I am made perfect in every good work to do His will (Heb. 13:21)
35.In Christ I have joy unspeakable (I Pet. 1:8)
36.In Christ I have received the anointing which teaches me all things (I John 2:27)
37.In Christ I have the Spirit of GOD (I John 3:24)
38.In Christ I have overcome the devil, the flesh and the world (I John 4:4)
39.In Christ GOD dwells in me (1John 4:15)
40.In Christ I have the love of GOD (I John 4:16)
41.In Christ I have no fear (I John 4:18)
42.In Christ I overcome the world (I John 5:4)
43.In Christ I have victory (I John 5:4)
44.In Christ I have understanding (I John 5:20)
45.In Christ I know GOD (I John 5:20)