A Dad’s report of the change he sees in his son after attending ZOE Boot Camp

Good evening guys !! My name is William Farley Gods favorite I would like to take this time to share with you how this very camping trip your on help, my son Tre realize that he was Gods Favorite too. By coming on this weekend trip Tre’, Has started giving God 10% of what ever money he earns. And the biggest and greatest thing is how he is responding to his 3 brothers and sister. how can I best say this is he is slow to anger. Man I got another greatest Tre’ is praying aloud now with me and his brothers every night. Since coming camping with Dwan ,Angela, K.J and other mentors And this was something I have been asking him to do at thanksgiving the last 3 years.
So guys I would like to thank you for what you were able to accomplished in two days with these men of today and i didn’t say men of the future So take what You get this weekend and Get on doggonit !! Yea baby,as k.j would say.,wish I was here today,God bless!!